Friday, December 26, 2008

Painted Snaps

This is for project #6 from March. Yes .. it took me this long. This is what my instructor does.. and I forever ignored this part because I always thought it was ridiculous. She paints buttons with cheap nail polish. Why someone would buy buttons of one color and paint them one of another is very beyond me. However today, out of nowhere I totally fell victim to this process and suddenly I find this to be for lack of a better word .. adorable. She had some metallic gold markers lying around.. the kind that I liked growing up. She said I should paint the snaps, because they came in solid black and did not match the sweater I made for T. I said that she should do it, I was scared to ruin something as usual, so she striped them. It would never occur to me to stripe ... I am so in the box. I would have painted them and gotten the marker all over the sweater.. not like you could tell. I kind of now wish she insisted that I paint them. I need some imagination exercises. The photos are a blur but they look good as a blur because the snap blends in completely into the background.

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