Saturday, December 4, 2010

Салат Оливье

Finished product (aerial view)

Finished product

Favorite ingredient

Dill from Whole Foods



My favorite food .. the process

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August 11, 2010

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October 7, 2010

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I just came into the bathroom and the window was open and I caught myself saying 'Здесь не жарко' This is what my mom always says. The funny thing is I always took it literally and it is in fact funny. So decided to write down all the things that she says. So far I can only remember four. I hope I can add some more to this later on. 'Сейчас наймем оркестр' is what my maternal grandmother used to say. When I was little I used to come up to her and announce that I was bored and she would always say 'Сейчас наймем оркестр' My mom sometimes says this to me but does give due credit to where the phrase came from. 'Это правда иле ето я вам сказал?' is something someone said at my mom's work in Kiev and she borrowed it. Once my friend and I were driving someplace and she was holding my printed directions. As she was telling me where to turn I turned to her and said 'Это правда иле ето я вам сказал?' What I meant to ask was is she reading from my directions or she actually knows where to go because I printed those directions in a big rush and was not sure what was printed on that paper. As soon as I said it I realized 'Это правда иле ето я вам сказал?' is not just an expression. It actually means something. Until that day I never paid much attention to this saying.
'Hеобъятный размер' as in someone is 'необъятного размера'. This is used in reference to someone who is considerably overweight and has had the misfortune of catching my mother's attention. This can also sometimes be directed at me as in .. you need to stop eating this food item otherwise you will become 'необъятного размера'
'Закрывай лавочку' which means that you have to end something you are doing but you pretty much know yourself that you have to stop and you are just not quite ready to. For example my 
husband just took the lampshade off his IKEA lamp in hopes to be able to see better when he reads in bed. It's 11:05 PM. I just told him to 'Закрывай лавочку' which means he will have to do away with the illuminations ASAP.
'Что ты смотришь как баран на новые ворота' Alex just made me think of this. He was on his way to take a shower but I found him standing in from of the  television screen and staring while in his underwear. Like I said he was on his way to the shower but something on that TV caught all of this attention and kept it.

1. Здесь не жарко

2. Сейчас наймем оркестр

3. Это правда иле ето я вам сказал?

4. Бекицер

5. Hеобъятный размер

6. Eщё не вечер

7. Старость не радость

8. Не голова а дом советов

9. Закрывай лавочку

10. Что ты смотришь как баран на новые ворота

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Restaurants by State



New York

1431 Third Ave. (81st St.)
Manhattan, NY 10028  

New Hampshire

I got a London one:

and a Paris one:


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Omelet or something like it ..

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1st, 2010

This egg was in the coffee ice cream bin. The whole thing is kind of weird since I am more on the Passover side.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Post

It's a sweater. I do not know about this sweater. I am not impressed with this yarn and it's on 5" and 6" needles which will take years but I am taking it easy this time. If it's a year so be it.

ANDES-Made in Chile-Made for RN# 119996-Color 29-Dye Lot 10140729-100% Wool-200 m = 220 yrds-4 st = 1" 100 g-6 US = 8 UK

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