Thursday, April 5, 2012

Birthday Roses

From a friend at work

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


When peas were small
Before the tomatoes were born
Cucumbers replanted

1. Egg crates are the best to raise seeds in
2. Place the crates next to a heater if you can, and not a vent kind
3. Put one seed in each space. Even if some do not come up you will have plenty that will.Otherwise you will have multiple seeds and you will have to thin them.
4. When re-potting do not remove the egg crate. If you disturb the roots it will stunt the plant's growth. It may even destroy the plant.
5.  Thin by cutting the plants, never separating roots
6. If you know a plant will grow fast you can plant the seed in a bigger container otherwise you will have to replant right away
7. When planting use rocks to separate the soil from the plastic pot.

Gardening supplies:

Seed Cascadia peas 2 weeks before planting. In 2 weeks they grow tendrils and attach to each other.
Plant cucumbers mid-May
Tomatoes end of May

More Notes:
Replant seedlings per schedule. They have trouble growing outside if they spent too much time indoors.
Tomatoes seem to grow better when you do not thin them but not sure.