Monday, January 18, 2021


Еще раз домой зайдешь – больше не выйдешь.

Тебе одному ничего не задали?

Не смейся, а то плакать будешь!

Закрой рот и ешь

Маму,слушать нужно

Сколько раз тебя учить

Я тебе говорила,а ты по своему

Смотри в оба 

Wednesday, July 1, 2020


450 white flour
50 einkhorn
330 water
starter was a bit over 100 gm
added after autolyse
40 sugar
10 salt + tbs water

kneaded 20 minutes in machine with 5 minute breakds
autolyse 45
stretch folded 4
let sit 3 hours
let sit 3 hours
let sit in fridge overnight

how to make bread
1. 500 gm regflour
2. 330 gm water
3. 100 gm starter
mix mixture until combined with hand
4. lyse 30 mins
5. Add 10 gm salt and pour 1 tbs water over it
6. Mix for 5 minutes
7. Wait 5
8. Mix for 5 minutes
9. Wait 5
10. Mix for 5 minutes
11. Wait 5
12. Mix by hand apx 100 mixes
stretch fold X4 with 30 min interval
13. Let sit for 4 hours or 6
wait 20 mins
14. Shape (need to watch video)
15. Leave overnight in refrigerator or let sit for more hours
16. Bake
17. Heat the oven for 1 hour with dutch
18. 450 (30)
19. 450 (15) open lid

bread was left out 6 hours
It was huge
then it kept rising in refrigerator
It felt like a real balloon but when i baked it, it was fine, its just not big

1. Mix dough for 20 minutes taking breaks in between
Can use mixer but do last 5 minutes by hand. I think if you do not mix well, then you do not get a rise
2. Let it raise 2.5 to 4 hours. 5.5 hours I think maybe was too much?
then do refrigerator over night
3. Do not use a lot of flour on towel. If the bread is correctly done, it will not stick to towel at all
4. Use 450 for 30 and then 15 until further notice. Marina said to do An hour to heat the oven WITH the Dutch oven in it to 490.... then bake with the lid for 20 and take off the lid... set to 420 and another 20 min or so

Friday, June 19, 2020


1. Use rhanaya myka from Russian Store
2. Took out of refrigerator at 6:45 am
3. Fed 8:45 with flour and water
4. 11:30 was done
5. Now its 1:53 starting to settle

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

More bread

More bread
1. Wet hands if dough is sticky
2. 6 TBS flour is about 100 grams starter
use rzhanaya muka for starter
Bagel dough worked well for bread
Use bread flour
3. Starter takes about 4-5 hours
add salt last and pour a tiny bit of water then knead
4. Autolyse dough
5. Knead 300 times
6. Stretch with wet hands
7. Shape and leave in refrigerator overnight
8. Dust towel with flour only if dough is not refrigerated
8. Bake at 470/430 cold
10. Place dutch oven on top of two baking sheets and use lower rack

This is the bagel bread with brown sugar
Used 50 grams rzhanoii muki and 450 regular

Rose but was wet, could not score it and it got very stuck to towel. The bagel bread while refrigerated did not absorbe any flour and it poured out of the bowl. I had to use a brush to remove excess

 Did not burn but not brown enough

 Decent crumb

Tuesday, June 9, 2020


I need to use high gluten flour. They have bread consistency but othewise look good!

1. Forgot to add oil to dough
2. Added oil and kneaded 200 times, I counted. Kneading 200 times did make it smooth
3. Need 2 jars of starter
4. Did not have enough starter, added water to dough
5. Bagels took 3 minutes to come up. When I used commercial yeast they came up immediately.
? did not rise enough
6. Next time test them by putting them in cold water. If they float, they are ready
7. Another recipe said to shape and proof 2.5 to 4 hours
8. Usable vs Unusable starter:
9.  I made bread out of this. I let it sit for 2.5-3  hours because that was the bagel recipe, then did stretch and fold, then let sit for almost 2, then shaped it and refrigerated overnight, then baked it cold

Sunday, April 26, 2020


1. Used 3.5 cups flour and 1.75 water. This is about 50% hydration (need to use bread flour)
2. Did not let the dough sit after I mixed it. no autolyse. The video recommends 45 minutes. My recipe says 20-30. I think this was a mistake. (it was, this is where flour absorbs water and makes kneading afterwards easier) 
3. Could not mix the dough, mixed for what seems like hours, it was still sticking to me and the board when  I put it in the bowl. The dough was already stretchy when I did this. This step can be done in the BOWL.
4. Dough is easier to wash off when it comes together

Stretch and Fold: if you do it too soon, dough will rip. You can wet your hands before each fold and the dough will not stick

I did for 6 hours. I did not think I needed to do 6 because it said 4-6 but nothing really happened for 4.5. On 5:07th hour I was happy to see huge soap like bubbles in dough on top. (my starter was not working) 

Takes 2 hours. Key point, learn how to tell when the dough is proofed. Watch a video.

Recipe time is good. Increasing it gave me a tougher crust.

Take out starter at 4 pm
Let it warm up
Feed it at 5 and then again at 11

you need to remove 1/4 cup starter before feeding again
done starter is like mouse with holes in it

To increase starter volume, do not discard any
To shape twist in circular motion and pull toward you. I think this works better then what is in the videos when you pull towards you

6 TBS starter is about 100 gms
I burned the bottom. Had it on one baking sheet and lower rack. Not sure what I did before. It was smaller then the last loaf
This is bagel dough
I made dough
Let sit 2.5-3 hours
Could not make bagels
Stretched and folded 3 times
left it again for almost 2 hours
Shaped it
Left it overnight in refrigerator. Do not need to flour towel at all. Refrigerated dough did not stick at all and I had a ton of flour on the loaf even though I only used one TBS
Baked cold from refrig
11:31 PM
Ate everything

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Lunch ideas

1. Noodles
2. Kasha
2. Cheese with Pita
4. Creamcheese with Pita or cream cheese with tomato slices
5. Hummus with Pita
6. Peanut butter Banana sandwich
7. Peanut butter and jelly
8. Hard boiled eggs
9. Olives
10. Pickles
11. Cucumbers
12. Fish crackers
13. Tomato soup
14. Bagel with cream cheese and lox
15. Fruit roll up
16. Yogurt parfait
17. Shnitzel
18. Blinchiki
19. Egg salad
20. Couscous with tomatoes cucumbers
21. Fruit skewers, can use cookie cutters for fruit
22. Cookies
23. Banana
24. Grapes
25. Granola
26. Yogurt pretzels
27. Mandarin
28. Tomato mozarella basil on a stick
29. Popcorn
30. Quinoa salad
31. Brownies
32. Egg salad
33. Cooked potatoes
34. Trader Joe Chocolate Chip granola bars
35. Nuts
36. Trader Joe maple cookies