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January 3rd, 2009
I was going to take this photo off but it's just too pretty. I tried to make a cake that totally did not come out. By the way this whole thing is pretty silly and not just the cake part. Anyway I used one stick of butter instead of 2 and the cake came out very not moist but I ate like an 1/8th of it anyway. I was hoping it would taste better each time I tried it and now I feel totally sick. I threw it out. I will try again once I get over the initial trauma. The glass has a little of the batter in it that you are supposed to pour on top after the cake is done. I keep remembering the knitting instructor's words on the matter. She said that when she makes a new recipe she makes it exactly how it is so she knows what it's supposed to be..

This is called Chudo I think. It's a baking dish which belonged to my grandmother in Russia. It must be 100 years old. My grandmother Maria used to make some kind of cake in it that sank at the slightest vibration and I was not allowed to jump in the kitchen while it was being baked in the oven. At my age I find the need to jump in the kitchen quite confusing. I bet my grandmother thought the same.

This is a closeup of the Chudo bottom. You can see the one hundred year old knife marks probably because various cake things refused to leave this baking container voluntarily.

1-25-09 1:35 AM Wondering what happened to this. Should try this cake again.

3-17-09 8:27 PM Cake #2

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