Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This is my 3rd independent knitting attempt. I am using Berroco Mohair Classic Heather which is discontinued, slightly painful to work with and does not yield the close to perfect results I tend to aim for regardless of what I do. I kind of feel like I should be doing this with cashmere which I have never used either and it is probably the most expensive yarn there is. The pattern called for Sandness Mohair from a Finnish yarn company and I kept misreading it as Sadness Mohair and like thinking what is that supposed to mean? This is a scarf by the way. I will probably get annoyed and destroy it before I am half way through but I wanted to post this as documentation of my struggle to wherever it is that I am going. I have to say I love the way the bottom came out.. it was knitted flat but looks curvy and the holes look decent but as a whole this looks messy and would benefit from another color.. white maybe?

January 19th, 2009

January 24th, 2009
I completed my knitting assignment and went back to working on this. I cannot seem to be able to get back on track. My instructor often says that untangling yarn builds character. I wonder if undoing row after row of clingy mohair and then putting the stitches back on affects one in a similar fashion.

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