Friday, December 19, 2008

Project #11

December 19, 2008
It's the first snow storm of the year. I am sure it will not be as beautiful as last year's snow thunder storm that I very accurately photo documented. Besides it's only a snow storm. I almost feel like last year meteorologists did not accurately identify the phenomenon. My building is perched on a hill and I can see the storm very well outside my living room window. Anyway project #11 is for my friend Masha. I don't have the yarn yet. It's a lacecap from

January 21st, 2009
5:44 PM
Shipped the hat to New York about an hour ago. All I have left are these photographs. I really hope it fits. In conclusion I would like to say that after this project I lost my fear of knitting hats on straight needles. I used to think everything I made would come undone and if something could be done on round then I would chose that option but knitting hats on round needles is absurd. I think this blog's direction should be changed.. as in more useful and less blabber.

10:25 PM
Hat is in the mail.. I really really hope Masha can wear it, that it's not too wide, too short and too cold and that she does not notice the waves at the top. I told the instructor that the hat is cute and she said ".. and you gave me such a hard time about this hat!" .. and that I did do.

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