Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I am going to put everything I want to make in here:
1. A loop like Linda has on her sweater which emerges from a cable.
2. Some kind of cable scarf in white where fringes are 8" long and some are twisted and some are not. Carmen had it on today.
3. The sweater the instructor had on today for my mom. It had squares, a rolling neck, the sleeves had no ribbing and the bottom was going outward so it did not cling to the body. It was gray with squares. The instructor said she added a red square to it? I have to remember all this so I can remind her.
4. Once I wanted to make something out of this yarn. It looked like a rope and then had colors in it, very skinny yarn it was.
5. A fringe looking thing with short rows and where the edge is not bound off ..
6. A scarf with sleeves and holes
7. A back there there are 3 slits like the one from Free People with embroidery
8. A sleeve where the ribbing is on each side on the arm and meets in the middle.. the one I saw had a rib in the middle but I do not like the rib
9. A sleeve where the cuff is ribbing and there is a cable going around next to the ribbing diagonally around.
10. An edge where it's folded over and looks round
11. The green sweater from Verena
12. Jan28 A fabric covered button on top of a hat
13. Feb17 Heidi made a sweater and a part of it had a gray and pink striped piece.. I want that piece
14. Feb19 Stars knitted in of a color other then the item
15. Feb 19 The striped something raspberry and gray alternate on it

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