Monday, January 14, 2008


I am forced to write the title of this in Russian reason being had I chosen to title this post Vinaigrette it would have been totally lost in translation for in fact a salad was made. I don't know what the equivalent of this well known Russian dish is in English and do not feel like putting it in Google to satisfy my curiosity.

These are some daffodils I got at Russo's for an appealing $2.39 a bunch. The cashier mistook them for asparagus and when told that in fact these were flowers bellowed out "$2.39 each?"
I feel like Russo's is getting progressively worse since I first discovered it sometime around 2002.

Along with the daffodils I got 2 large beets, 2 carrots, 1 potato, a large plastic jar of pickles and cilantro. This is not a cooking blog so I am not going to go into detail as to what the recipe entails. Basically you cook everything that is too hard to chew and cube it into a bowl. I have no idea what the dressing is for it. I use oil but feel like some use vinegar and some something else. In any case my main point for this blog is to post my although slightly fuzzy in come cases photos of yesterday's event upon request of my closest friend Maria who thought I needed something to do for the day.

Not to be mean but I wish this somewhat imperfect software would stop posting photos other then the place I designate for them. I just had to move this poor photo of the bowl away from the introduction at the top where it originally ended up. Featured above are carrots, potatoes, cilantro and .. garlic. I sometimes tend to add stuff to my creations that do not technically belong there. In this case garlic is for that element of surprise when you least expect it. In all seriousness I like garlic and since I did not have any immediate plans to feed this to anyone else I figured this addition is more then appropriate.

These are some century old beets I picked up at Russo's. I could not wait for them to finish cooking and continuously terrorized them by inserting an IKEA fork to check for hardness. Note the fork wounds on both and the oozing side on the one on the left. This is my poor attempt at sounding like the ex medical professional that I am. I was going to throw in a mention of a quadrant but these fellows only have a body so I did not think left upper quadrant made any sense.

At some point the beets cooked of course and were chopped up along with the jar of pickles, some salt, pepper and oil. This is the finished product. I am not sure if this is the best photo I have but it gets the idea across. My mother thought cilantro was an atrocity but I had a cold and when I sniffed the dill at Russo's (something that I do to pick out vegetables which is not the most appropriate) because of a cold combined with my theory that Russo's has gone downhill I concluded that dill did not smell like dill and cilantro had a much more appropriate scent. Of course the Винегрет was delicious. I unfortunately had to eat the entire thing by myself since I have been somewhat antisocial recently and refuse to get my apartment to a level of cleanliness where strangers may be allowed inside.

V zaklucheniye as the Russians would say I could not resist an asparagus-daffodil update ..

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an accomplishment is a platform which lifts us to a higher level, where we may step up to greater accomplishments followed by ever yet greater ones. may you SOON reach a level of fulfillment (AMEN!).