Sunday, October 14, 2012


Cleveland Circle Cinema

When I first moved to the neighborhood in 2001, I remember for a long time not being in the best of spirits.  Once I walked down to this theater and in complete solitude watched Riding in Cars with Boys. I remember laughing for the first time in several months and thinking that being alone is somewhat doable. I also remember seeing Lord of the Rings there when it first made it's debut. The show started at midnight and went until 3:30 AM. I went there with a boy crush and not from my side. I remember thinking that this is a genre  I do not like but the movie turned out to be fantastic. I also remember going here during the snow storms with my friend at the time Julie. Everything else we wanted to do was impossible because our cars were buried under feet of snow and so was the road, but Cleveland Circle Cinema was open. We could always count it for times when we did not feel like getting into a car or losing a parking spot. I still miss it even though it closed it's doors in 2008. I think there are talks of building some kind of a shopping plaza there which just makes me cringe.


I am not a fan of watching videos at home. I prefer the big theater screen and the smell of buttery popcorn as opposed to sitting in the living room in front of a TV screen which in my case is nowhere near the size of the movie one.  However once in a great while I would be in the mood for a video. I loved this place. It had a nice selection of all kinds of movies that would never be available at Blockbusters. Most of all I liked knowing that this place is there if I happen to need it. Videosmith just closed its doors a few weeks ago. I went to the discount movie sale mainly to say good-bye. I was hoping to get "When Harry met Sally" but all the good movies were already gone. The space is being turned into a Child Education Center and every time I drive by and see the construction, it makes me sad.

This was a place for us girls to hang out when we were single. Once in a while it would serve as a meeting ground for an occasional date for all of us. I spent a lot of time here over the years. All photos above are from the web and as I glance over them, I wish I took my own. They do not really portray what I feel. I guess I expect things to be there forever and that's not how it is. At least not in the above case.

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