Wednesday, December 28, 2011


 Periodically throughout my life something happens that makes me think the same particular three things. This is due to the fact I am lazy and something like this for someone like me is of the same magnitude as becoming the next president or discovering the moon for a regular person in terms of achievement. The three things are:
  • I cannot believe I did this 
  • I cannot believe it actually worked out as planned 
  • I do not think I will ever do this again
These are the thoughts that go thorough my mind when I look at the above photo. This is Napoleon. The king of Russian homemade deserts. My maternal grandmother used to make this. I cannot remember the cake very well in terms of taste although I imagine it was out of this world but what I do remember is the layers. They used to have huge air bubbles on them and seemed somewhat odd to my five-year-old self. What can I say 35 years later, when I made this for the first time my layers looked exactly the same way.

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