Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Project #7

April 9th, 2008
I am playing around with Masha's yarn Berocco Suede Tri-Color.

April 13, 2008

Malabrigo Worsted Merino Yarn

I bet 173 is the dye number. I wonder if that means the 173rd dye attempt? Another camera resistant yarn or should I say the camera is yarn resistant. Camera refuses to pick up the correct color tones. Suede Tri Color will have to wait. Apparently someone thinks it catches which is probably true but it I personally I would not write it off for that reason. Everything catches if there there is something to be caught on. It's a bunch of loops.
I started a very small Malabrigo shrug .. possibly even one of the two identical shrugs depending on what the future holds. Did I mention that I started it at 1 am in the morning? I thought that was an interesting factoid. In any case I just had to undo 4 rows because I noticed a large hole in the side and that upset me. Now I think I am done for the day. Exhausted. Should really stop knitting at odd hours.

8:19 PM
The back is too small as always. I would like to know what I need to do once I notice it's too small. I do not want to knit looser so I bet I can increase or something. I need to ask. I think I am at 7 inches back. Looks very nice. I like it. I want it but the way it is now it will never fit my back or Masha's back.

April 15th, 2008
I hope I do not have to undo 11 inches. I will be unhappy. I am already unhappy thinking about it.
10:21 PM
I did not have to undo anything. I did the increase on poor shrug in a way that was not marked by use of any reason but we left it as is. If this occurred at some Russian knitting school I would have gotten a large F for something like that. I also made the wrong side the right side. What's interesting is I am fully aware of right and wrong side and made sure I was on the right side which turned out to be the wrong side. I am inclined to think it was because of the 1 am situation. On that same note I just knitted an inch and 1/2 of sleeve wrong and had to undo that. I want to kill her .. figuratively speaking of course since she happens to be one of my current favorite human beings. She wrote down P1 and then changed P1 to P2. Instead of crossing out the 1 and writing the correct information someplace nearby she tried to change 1 to a 2. Actually I think she did cross the 1 out and then ink sculpted in into a 2. The result of course I immediately mistook for a K1. I happily did K1, P1 and when I got to the 1 1/2 inch it said 'decrease P2 to P1' and as you already guessed I did not have a P2.
I learned why the yarn has to be loose when it's rolled up in a ball. It is to allow air to circulate through .. otherwise if there is no air circulation the yarn tends to do weird things .. like start to smell. The instructor said I could use the 'other' Suede Tri-Color catchy yarn to make a turtleneck. She said I need 7 balls so I have to come up with 5 more. I am glad she does not mind doing it. I was expecting a fair amount of resistance and got none.
11:14 PM
I am going to bed. I redid the sleeve except I casted on a 6 mm and the was supposed to knit on the 5mm so I continued to knit on one 6mm and one 5mm. I need to leave this alone at this time.

April 16th, 2008
I cannot figure out the decrease on the sleeve beginning. I thought it was that weird one we did on my blue sweater and found the instructions I wrote in this blog and it's not that one. The one she wrote for me to do does not look right either when I do it.

April 17th, 2008
I broke down and left the knitting lady a message. I am sure she will call me back never because it's 70 degrees outside and my sleeve decrease is after like the last thing on her mind. Maybe off her mind is more accurate.

April 22, 2008
I don't even remember how many times I redid the sleeve cuffs. I did not like the way they looked, I forgot to decrease every other one, I forgot to increase 1, I increased in the way instructor did not like .. and I did not like, I increased twice in between one loop and made a hole in each cuff. I am back to garter and I think I am supposed to purl back but not sure. Tired.

The increase ..

April 24th, 2008
Some things learned ..
Pinning the excess yarn from the cast on to the fabric really is a good idea. I was told this back in September and only got around to it yesterday. I cannot tell you how many times and on how many occasions this advice was repeated to me.
When you increase on the right side the way you can tell is there is a bar underneath the braid. Since I am trying to do a loose knit today I can actually see the bar .. I think before it appeared as a shriveled up little dot of yarn and all I could see was the extra braid. Sometimes I could not see the extra braid.
You can increase or decrease on any side as long as it looks good. We did 5 rows of garter, decreased on the right side and it did not look good so we did 6 rows of garter and then without waiting for instructions I increased on the wrong side and then knitted on the right etc.
I feel like I am not writing the way I should .. like I have stuff to say and saying it poorly because am totally uninspired. There are some kind of yellow jacketed items that got in between my screen widows and it's only a matter of time before they make it inside. I am scared because once they are inside they will be so mad that they will not act rationally .. and since bugs never do anyway I am very concerned. I stepped on a yellow jacket lounging by the side of the river when I was 3 years old and have not forgotten the experience. I remember I was really taken aback by the pain capasity.

The sleeve cuffs .. wrong side

I have finally started paying attention to the wrong side right side situation. It's like a good reference point otherwise the instructor has no idea what you are talking about especially when you are dealing with increases. I also started looking at measurements while you work .. more likely I just realized that they actually exist and are important. My biggest problem right now is unregulated tension and I feel like it's totally unresolvable. I wonder if the knitting instructor has problems in this area. I will ask her if she calls me back. I tried to ask her before and she was like 'I can do any tension .. ' She is one to always point out the obvious. I was like hopefully if anyone can you can .. so can I but it's usually not the one I want. I have a large knot in the sleeve where I did not pin the yarn to the fabric. Did I mention I only pinned the yarn on ONE sleeve.

April 25th, 2008
I am sick. I do not like it. I am making sleeves but I am sure they are way too tight. I cannot tell but the concern is looming whatever that means. The sleeves are about 9-10 inches. I was told that you never increase twice in between two loops unless you are making button holes which is a continuation from "You should never do that.. " from the instructor. Now I can put those two together. "You should never do that unless you are trying to do button holes." I pinned the yarn to another sleeve with a stitch marker. Apparently I only had one pin in the house. Now only the main or primary yarns will tangle amongst themselves.

The correct increase ..

I am absolutely crazy but I undid the sleeves once again and redid the increase. The above is the correct way. Start on the wrong side and do 6 rows of garter, then purl back and increase on the right side.
In this one I increased on the wrong side after I think 6 rows of garter and then knitted on the right side. Logically this makes no sense at all. It does not look bad but I think the instructor's looks better. For a moment I am feeling like I am writing a knitting novel.

This is how I roll the yarn ..

10:27 PM
I am at about 14 inches on the sleeves. I went 21-41-43-45-47-49-51-53 .. and I am missing one loop starting with 41. She said she did not care where I increased but I think she meant somewhere in the beginning so the sleeve is wider. I never know what she means. It's like I stopped understanding what I am doing. I did the increase on the back wrong, I did the increase on the sleeve cuff wrong and I did not increase correctly on the sleeve. There seems to be a commonality here .. i-n-c-r-e-a-s-e ..
I cannot remember if I mentioned this but once the instructor told me that she and one of her clients made a beautiful silk skirt. She said she had the skirt in her store and she could not stop looking at it. She looked at it every chance she got. So I told her I am that way with everything I make .. regardless of what it looks like. I wonder if I will ever get a chance to see that skirt. I kind of would like to know what the instructor considers exceptionally beautiful. I wonder why they picked something like a skirt .. I'd probably make a dress if I had an imagination.
I separated the sleeves so I could work on them separately but thinking I should put them back on one needle. Do I really want one to be shorter then then other .. and the other perhaps wider then the 1st?
I just read above how I made the wrong side the right side above and it seems almost unbelievable. Right now it just seems perplexing to me that I would do something like that because right now I have the wrong and the right side permanently figured out and a week ago I barely made notice of it. Weird.

April 26th, 2008

Here's a photo of my unmanicured thumb, yarn and sleeve. I was trying to see if it fits so I stitchholdered it in place. I was trapped by the garter and barely got out of it. Poor Maria .. I hope all of this works out. I really do not want to redo 17 inches of sleeve. I can go in today to verify but I am sick and cannot handle any bad news regarding tourniquet sleeves.

5:21 PM
I am doing nothing. I know this sleeve is not going to fit anyone named Maria or Anna ..

9:39 PM
I spoke to Maria today. She said the sleeve can be anything, incorrect, short etc but it must fit the arm through. I have 2 criteria so far .. sleeve must fit .. button must be round. The thumb is getting manicured tomorrow at 10:30 AM.

April 29, 2008
I have to remember to sew the garter part of the sleeve without taking anything in. Also I have to ask her how to sew .. she said to go under 1 bar. I have to remember to count the stitches on the back. I think it was 64-65. Not sure. I kept not paying attention. Maybe 64 ..

May 1st, 2008
I feel like today is some national holiday. I think the purl side people tend to knit smaller so I think she said to do purl on the larger needle and knit on the smaller for the other sweater. I cannot figure out the decreases for sleeves and back. I slipped the 1st stitch on the sleeves and in order to decrease knitted on the knit side and purled on the purl side. The results are not so great and I cannot seem to figure out why. For the back I did not slip the 1st stitch and that does not look so great either. I cannot remember if I should slip or not but I already started not slipping so I am going along in that fashion. Maybe on the next sweater. I feel like Maria's sweater is still going through all the experiments.

3:05 AM
OK. I undid the decrease. I am never supposed to knit the 1st stitch on the back or front if I want to stay true to my heritage of course. If anything I can do it on the sleeves maybe because I am doing a decrease on each row. I am not sure about that. I am going back to bed. I do not feel like doing 10 rows all over again.

May 1st, 2008
I am not sure why I insist on 1st I think 1 would get the point across. I kept thinking about my back that it seemed small although I looked at the instructions about a million times. Somehow decrease 5 at the beginning of the next 2 rows and then decrese one at each end every other row did not seem like enough. Of course 1 million and 1st time looking at the same excat instructions revealed that it should measure 7 1/2 inches! I am not sure what to attribute that to..

May 2nd, 2008
Progress so far ..

Partial back and sleeves. That orange thing is there for something that has to do with the front chart. Hopefully will find out Saturday. I still cannot figure out if it's on 64th or 65th row.

Shrug "The Sculpture"

May 3rd, 2008
Today was like a big day. I got a chart for the shrug. I never had a chart before so if I feel like it I will take a picture and post it here. I am sure I am going to make the biggest mess on earth if I attempt it without supervision but if I have time before I see the instructor again I certainly will. I already tried casting on extra stitches today .. like I just made them up and she was like .. why did you just do that? The chart is crazy. You have to increase on one side and cast new stitches on the other side. I can barely remember to increase on the sleeves every specified interval because you have to increase on both sides and there are 2 sleeves. This chart thing is like 10 times worse. I wonder if she ideally wanted me to do 2 sides at once for ultimate confusion.

The Chart

May 4th, 2008
12:51 AM
I tried the increase. I think I got it right. I don't know if I knit the 1st stitch or slip the 1st. I just realized that my knitting book assumes that people hold the yarn in the right hand and I do not. This renders the book almost completely useless. I keep getting knots on the edges and I do not like that at all. I need to do something about those knots on the side.

9:21 PM
I did the stitch addition on the shrug. At first I thought it looked terrible but then I got used to it. I can almost see a pattern in the terribleness. I do not really have a good photo but the increase is where you see the waves. I am going to stop because this side needs a button hole and I am not sure where and what size. I do not feel like calling the instructor. This can wait until Tuesday.

May 5th, 2008
I don't like the above photo. It's not clear. My mom read #7 and #8 and said they were too technical. Interesting because I think I lament too much. I was not sure whether to note this in #7 or #8 but my mom loved the colors of Maria's shrug so this post is going here. I am trying to get into I don't know why. I cannot tell what it is even. I just checked where I was in line and I am a promising 2504th!! in line. Apparently they have a half sever and if they let everyone in at once that will put an end to the site. Ravelry is not even in the dictionary. The closest I could get was these below for raveler:
noun: French composer and exponent of Impressionsim (1875-1937) hmm .. next
noun: a row of unravelled stitches .. this looks decent
verb: tangle or complicate (Example: "A ravelled story") .. so does this
verb: disentangle (Example: "Can you unravel the mystery?") .. this is OK also
name: A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #54735) .. this surname is even less popular then I am on the site
I am perplexed. Maybe the 1/3 glass of wine I had is contributing to my overall state of being. My brother just told me it's raveler+revelry=ravelry or ravelry. I'd say that's interesting.

May 26th, 2008
10:27 PM
OK. I am going back to this one. I am dreading the chart plus I remember nothing especially how to make new stitches. I am glad I have this blog so I can remember where I was and what it is that I was doing.

May 27th, 2008
I am taking a little piece of shrug on the plane with me. Not because I cannot live without knitting but because I am going to have a heart attack on the plane and knitting seems to have a calming affect. Speaking of calming effect I need to go to bed. I am totally tired. I wonder how long it would take me to complete this and sew. I am looking forward to sewing so I can practice. I may try to be brave and do the rim on the shrug by myself. I think the instructor mentioned something about picking up stitches.

June 2nd, 2008
Summer. I am back from Michigan. I tried knitting on the plane but I was so nervous that my knitting tension was beyond tight and then when I was about to do some neck shaping not really knowing 100% what that is I realized I am missing a stitch. When I got to my friend's house I undid everything and started over. I have to say stewardesses are much more receptive to knitting needles then electronic devices. I will go as far as to say that the one who asked my seat neighbor to turn off his iPod looked at my Malabrigo patch with curiosity. The best part was because I was so stressed out about flying I simply did not have any emotions left for being upset about the stitch I missed which ordinarily would have been a huge deal at home and would have required one of my knitting instructor phone calls.

June 5th, 2008
I am not sure what to do on the front piece. I increased in the not so right place as usual and now I am not sure how to decrease. Am I ever going to get this stuff?

June 8th, 2008
I just got home and feel like this is the most interesting site around for me at the moment. I have resumed the shrug. I finally completed front #1 and started front #2. I don't really get front #2 but I will later I am sure. Before I forget we did 2 extra rows on the top as in I still increased 2 rows before the top and then did 2 extra rows on top of that plus I had to do extra rows after I got to 14 and did not decrease. The above does not make sense even to me but I have to put this reminded someplace where I can find it later and this is the only place in the entire world. The instructor asked me if I thought that the side matched the back in length and I blew it but the fact that she asked my opinion means she thinks I have measuring potential. It's summer .. not officially but weather wise you need an A/C.

8:43 AM
I undid everything again although I promised to myself and the instructor to cut down on this behavior. I am knitting very tightly once again. When I was in MI I had to have what seemed to be the perfect tension. I am starting to think that tension has something to do with your overall chronic state of being and is not necessarily tied to your mood at the moment although that does contribute to the overall effect. I just added a billion adjectives to the above sentence and am still not sure I got the effect that I wanted. It's hot weather wise. I don't like the humidity.

11:28 PM
I should stop putting down the time. It's an embarrassing confirmation of the name of this establishment. I am knitting. Side #2 is not as nice as #1. I am not sure why. For some reason I am no longer concerned about not knowing what to do. I can figure it out .. and if I am wrong I will corrected. It's not such a big deal. It never should have been but it took almost a year to get to this state of mind. I have to count the stitches on side # left and I do not feel like it. I am kind of hoping to finish this by July 5th but not sure if I can. There is still the button situation and the sewing which takes forever.

11:54 PM
I am reading the knitting tiny book G gave me and I swear I have said or thought most of the book at one point or another. Of course everything is totally lost on my instructor when I tell her stuff like I had to relearn how to count and she looks at me like I am exhibiting signs of insanity.

June 10th, 2008
I put in my 7.5 hours at the knitting shop today. Have not done that in a while. It was like 99+ in there. I did the 2nd half of the front and connected the back and the 2 fronts. The instructor did the button hole for me and picked up stitches for the rim for lack of a better word. I saw some yarn today at the store, white with color that looked like rope. I want to make something out of it. The instructor said she was going to do something with it but then said if she does not I can. Hopefully I will rem that I liked it. Tired. It's almost tomorrow.

June 11th, 2008
I was just thinking that even if I am not able to work with the knitting instructor I think I am OK on my own. She has tought me a lot and I learned a little less then she tought as it always happens but enough to get by in the knitting world on my own.

11:14 PM
I was just thinking that I cannot believe I let her do the button hole. Now I am forever dependent on her for large button holes until further notice. I have absolutely no idea what I did. I bound off on the bottom, she did the top and then I could not do the next row.. she had to do it although she said to follow in pattern I failed to see one.

June 12th, 2008
I just looked at the button hole and it's so cute. I like it. It's the only one in the entire sweater.

June 13th, 2008
I have to go home and knit 9-10-11-12-13 of the front and do the sleeves. Hopefully I am in the right mood because I really would like to do that by tomorrow.

June 14th, 2008
I made a million mistakes at the knitting store today. I think the instructor was telling me to do things which I did but then she said that they were incorrect and they were. I am not sure which one of us is wrong .. I want to say that it is me but something in me is telling me it was her. She said to increase every 4th so I thought it was stitch but she meant every 3rd braid so I did the 2 increase sections totally wrong and then I purled back when I was supposed to knit the ones I increased going back. So in summation we did every 3rd braid increase, went back, then every 2nd braid increase, went back then increased on the remaining braid that was left. I feel like if she gave me an overview at the beginning I would not have been so confused, but she never does probably because she does not know what she is up to herself. I suspect she was in one of her 'moods' today and it was not a good one. She even went as far as to say that the mistakes I made has to do with understanding what I am doing which is like the ultimate insult. So I guess when you increase on the back way you knit them ? I am not sure why. Maybe because your increase looks like a purl. I should know that. I saw that when I started noticing how increases look like. It's a parallel bar and the next stitch above is a braid so the opposite side is probably a braid ? and this is why it has to be knitted ? Anyway all I have to do is bind off and sew. Hopefully I am not going to be totally insane and/or exhausted on Tuesday and will do a good job.

June 15th, 2008
8:20 AM
I am biding off .. or more like unbinding. That should be a knitting term. It means that you bound off and you think it may be too tight or too loose, you are not really sure which but just in case you decide that it's best to undo what you did. In any case I have to bind off again. She said to do it a tiny bit looser then what I have been doing which is like very perplexing because I have no idea how loose I was in the 1st place and I have to be looser then that 'no idea'. I am wondering if I should wait and do it with her but that would mean I'd waste a half hour on Tuesday on this. Binding off unfortunately also depends on my mood. Sometimes I cannot bind off at all because I am too tired, stressed out whatever so that would mean I'd waste an entire Tuesday evening. I still remember how I had to bind off the collar for my mom's sweater 3-4 times. Rain outside. Big rain. I can hear it falling on the sidewalk.

12:55 PM
Almost forgot. I got a random yarn join lesson on Saturday. You can twist 2 yearns together and knit for a little bit and then let go of the short one.

June 16th, 2008
I was driving home today and I realized that this is the largest bind of I had ever had to do so I may as well do it with the instructor. I hope she is OK with it. My other bind offs were collars I think and this is like an entire front in a circle.

June 17th, 2008
I bound off for 2 hours and am still not done. I came home and found that I still had all of the instructor's pins all over my sweater. I hope she is OK with that. Tonight had a lot of different things happen. I don't know how I feel about any of them. I have to bind of the rest. She said that you bind of a little and then check the tension. I think she was trying to make me feel better because I kept making her check the tensions and exibiting all signs of feeling like an idiot. I am reading Shut Up, I am Talking by David Leavy and he is very fond of that word idiot and uses it religiously throughout his tale about the his experiences working for the Israeli Governement.

Biding results

June 19th, 2008
Have not resumed work on the sweater since Tuesday although did look at it briefly a couple of times after that. I don't have anything to say today. I am all out of words. I just remembered Annie Lennox ".. language is leaving me .. "

6:56 PM
I finished binding off. I tried sewing and I am not afraid of it but I am not sure I was doing it right. I still am not sure where to sew. I can do the ribbing but get confused on the regular stockinette and I really should not because I drop the 1st stitch so it should be obvious. I think I stopped fearing sewing after the balloon experience. I still cannot believe she did not warn me it would be so hard.

June 20th, 2008
I just remembered АЛСУ «Иногда»

June 21st, 2008
I was shown how to sew on an increase today. I think before the instructor just let me do whatever I wanted because she never drew my attention to the fact that there is a special way that you sew in this particular case. I am also under a strong suspicion that whatever I wanted may have been the correct way. I will never know. Without further ado that I am so famous for here are the instructions. You ignore the increase as if it's not there at all a.k.a place the needle next to it and then come out of it by half a stitch diagonally and then by another half a stitch diagonally until you are back to where you were before the increase. I also have to mention here that the beginning of the sleeve was sewn by going under the pearl stitch and by going underneath one part of the V. Today I realized that 2 bars that I used to go underneath are actually a sideways V so to do the sleeve you had to go under one bar of the V and leave the other alone. The little increase-decrease part of the sleeve is done loosely and I think the same way .. not sure. She did the 1st sleeve by herself. I am finally devoid of any feelings. I do not care that she did not explain at all how to sew for like 8 months and also I do not care that when sewing half the time I have no idea what I am doing. I perfectly OK with both. I think the baby sweater served as a catalyst for my sewing comprehension. I saw that the sleeve beginning had to be a braid and started noticing similarities in the way you picked up stitches and how you sewed. Besides I kind of have a vague general idea of what stuff should look like so I can aim for that on my own. The above is badly worded but I am so tired. I need rest. My emotions wear me out much more then any kind of physical or psychological labor.

4:43 PM
I am looking at the shrug-ger and I notice that the instructor did all the important stuff that make the sweater what it is. She picked up the stitches on the rim around the front and made a beautiful button hole. I am nothing without her. This is a very big phrase and does not entirely apply to the situation at hand but a small trace of it is solidly true. The rim is very important. It's the difference between a beautiful product and a complete mess.

7:58 PM
I was called an ex-beginner today by my instructor. The ultimate compliment. I remember how she would tell me something simple and I'd be offended and be like 'I am intermediate .. you do not need to tell me how to increase anymore' I am so not into any of this stuff anymore. I don't know why. I am not 100% not into it but none of this makes me as happy as it used to.

8:38 PM
I am sewing the sleeve and like I am not sure where to go and stuff and then I see that it's too lose so I try to pull the thread through like I was tought .. and it pulled!! That means I am sewing correctly. I cannot believe it. Especially when the so called sewing moves are so not straight forward. I was reading an interview today and the woman said that her mom used to tell her if it's not worth working hard for it's not worth having at all. I am remembering how much I hated sewing and how much trouble I had with the zipper and now it's all in the past. I am still however totally lazy. I can see that the stripes on the sleeve do not match and I do not want to re-sew. Of course the instructor could have mentioned that but she was just being herself.

Front Ridge

Everything just looks so great to me right now, the imperfect sewing, the goofy increase that actually produces holes if you hold the sweater up to the light etc. Someone in the store said that according to someone's calculations today is the happiest day of the year for a lot of people. So then everyone started asking everyone what's the last time they were really happy and it reminded me of that Riding in Cars with Boys movie. The knitting instructor said she has not been really happy in a long time. I think that when you get older the only thing that makes you truly happy is the generation which follows you as in children and grandchildren. Maybe I am wrong. I don't remember the last time I was truly happy either. I don't plan on it anytime soon.

June 22nd, 2008
I always confuse this date with the other .. July 22nd, 1941 I believe. Actually I confuse the months of June and July because they sound more similar in Russian then in English .. if you can believe that. Furthermore I have to actually think to figure out which comes first. In Russian it's also n before the l but sometimes I am not sure because of the n and l placements in the alphabet contradict the placement in the year of these two months. Anyhow I am sewing on my own. I cannot believe it. I am not sure I am 100% but I lost my reservations about doing it without supervision from a knowing party. I hope today is not the longest day of the year already. I will be sad. I have not really experienced summer yet.

9:47 PM
I sewed the sleeves. I was going to start attaching them to the vest type body but I cannot rem how to sew them on. Tired. Shrug is adorable. Why is everything so adorable? I don't get it.

June 23rd, 2008
I have like that increase that I am supposed to go around imbedded in my head in like the appropriate maroon color. It's a V with like a bar at the bottom. Cr-a-zy. I am so looking forward to tomorrow. Will I be done? Only time will tell .. Maria called me this morning with a cute update on her life.

10:26 PM
Let's see. Did I mention that I made two attempts on the knitting instructor's life so far. Once she slipped on a sewing needle I accidentally left on the floor, slid halfway across the room and finally stopped in front of Tatyana and I who were sitting on the windowsill .. in anticipation. To this day I have no idea how that needle got on the floor and how she managed to slip on it. It's only about 2 inches wide. The other time was this past Saturday. I had my Burberry lotion on and she apparently is allergic to weird smells. She demanded to know who was wearing perfume and I immediately confessed and then tried to air myself out by standing in front of a fan.

I keep trying on the vest part. I feel like it's perfectly bound off. When I was binding off it felt like such a mess but it looks very good on. This thing fits me perfectly. I kind of want one myself but I know I will be bored making the same thing twice. I do have the yarn in case I change my mind however.

June 25th, 2008
I am done! I left it at the instructor's because she ironed it and now miss it. I am photographing my $15 button instead of getting ready for work. I did some notes on sewing last night but Google was misbehaving. Here they are again:

Pin the sleeve to the body at the top .. I never really understand where. Where there are 4-5 stitches that are bound off on the body you want to go under the braids and tuck the bound off part in so you do not see it. The braids look diagonal so you go under the diagonal braids and then when the bound off part ends you go in between the slipped stitch and the next row like you would sewing regularly. You want the slipped stitch as your main seam. On the sleeve side you go under the braid the entire time. If there are big spaces in between the 2 V bars then you can go into the V in the middle. There is some sort of stuff there you can put a needle through. So you go under the V bar and then into the next V bar in the middle. This way you do not have large holes when the person stretches the sleeve. If one side is shorter then the other you go under 1 bar of the V.. not so bad. Also you use one thread to go to the pin and another to go from the other side to the pin.. you do not go OVER the pin and keep going. I still had to have the instructor finish the top .. I am afraid if I do it it will unravel. Anyway .. excited. I still have to weave in all the ends and stuff and do the button on Saturday. This is such a cute present. I think this is my favorite project so far since I know the most I have ever known at this point, sewing did not stress me out and Masha actually wanted it and got measured for it so I feel really confident that nothing is too short and won't fit. I should really not talk this way because you really have to think when you put your arm in the sleeve in the wrist area. Also the flappy sleeves at the bottom are like going inside more then outside. I love the green sweater the instructor is making. It's so all over the place with all the weird pieces and parts.

Now the entire sleeve back situation makes sense except I still cannot remember. You bind off on the back and then decrease so you can have a seam and then you bind off on the sleeve because you do not need a seam and if you had a seam on the sleeve and the back you would probably have some uncomfortable bump in that area from the seam of the sleeve .. maybe. Just a guess. Like if the instructor ever said this then I would remember but she prefers to keep all this as one big mystery.

Moral of the story .. you have to have even tension.. it makes it easier when you sew .. I think. Otherwise everything is longer or shorter then it's counterpart and you have to compensate which makes it bumpy .. well the way I did .. I guess I need a lesson in compensation.

7:40 PM
I miss shrug. I really do .. I did not get a chance to see it as a whole after it was done. I need some time alone with each object that I make before I let it go .. onto the body of another. I was driving today and I realized that I said something incorrect in the sewing part above. You bind off on the back and then just keep knitting up .. and on the sleeves you decrease as you go. You probably only bind off because of the armpit otherwise you would just knit the back and decrease the sleeves I guess .. confused .. but one day I will not be.

June 26th, 2008
Anticipation ..

6:35 PM
I don't really want to write at all but I will ..


This is important because a shrug only has one according to popular belief. I was wondering why the instructor did not sell me two of them, as replacement but then realized that if this one falls off Masha can sew on anything she wants. Sometimes my brain works in mysterious ways. This button was picked out by the instructor but I thought it was just OK but then I saw it again a few days later and really liked it. It's got character.. and plastic charm. Its a little sad because all I have left from the shrug is this button. Shrug is spending a few days at the instructor's house. It was a joint decision .. he had to be ironed and had to dry. I don't even have anyone to take pictures of ..

I really want to make some kind of a toy and knitting it is just too much because of the size and who wants to sew together a 3 inch pig or a snail. I am exploring crochet directions on the web but it's hard. I am a fan of word of mouth plus demo.

Regrets a.k.a. if there was a second chance ..

1. Don't know yet .. maybe casted on the sleeves looser
2. Compensated appropriately on the shoulder when sewing ..
3. Made the button hole by myself so I would know what to do for next time..
4. Paid attention when the instructor explained the increase on the sleeve to me .. !

6:41 PM
I am done .. for real. I think this is my best work minus the increase on the back that is like ridiculous. I sewed the button with the yarn and tied the loose strings and then weaved both in. Usually I knot the thread at the end. I cannot even take an adequate photograph of the thing. Maybe Masha will send me one with her in it.

This is probably the best photo. This rim came out awesome and I sewed everything by myself. The sides are not perfect but the sleeves are not bad. The sleeve flaps could have been flappier but I casted on too tight. Plus I can see the instructor did her best to make them as loose as she could under the circumstances. I was worried about the button being off center and too big for the rim but when you button it it's perfectly centered. I also like the feel of the button when you button it. I don't know what it is .. the feel and the smell of some yarn preservative emanating from the shrug.

9:58 PM
Shrug is beautiful. I keep thinking that had the instructor not ironed it it would not be what it is. She did an excellent job. I need to learn how to iron. I have a feeling I did not sew on the button. I think she went into the sweater and then I went into the button 5 times and did not connect it to the sweater but I do not really want to deal with that right now. We can figure that out if the button falls off.

June 29th, 2008
I love the shrug. I remember looking at one of the customer's sweaters. The instructor finished the sweater for her and the preson was trying it on in the store. The sleeve seam went so perfectly along the shoulder line of this woman's body that it seemed as if she was born in that clothing item. I am looking at the shrug and it kind of looks like that. Of course I do not have that other sweater to compare but this one looks really good. It's like store made .. although I am not sure if this is something to aim for in terms of quality. I am really impressed with it. But then it's not like I did it by myself. So that kind of takes something out of being completely impressed.
I guess when I was screwing up the back, destroying the sleeves with the improper increase and redoing the front sides on the airplane I never thought this would come out like this. I am kind of touched .. and in the head as usual.

The end

P.S. I have to redo the button. I am insane. I sewed through the loop but did not attach it to the shrug so it's attached twice instead of 5-6 times. I took the shrug to see a movie .. Alexandra with 81 year old Galina Vishnevskaya. I had no idea who she was but my mother was very excited to hear her name Apparently she was a big opera star in Russia. She was not a bad movie star either.

9:06 PM
I redid the button. Now I am worried it's not where it was before. Where is my confidence? I do have a problem with lopsidedness. Just look at my Minot Rose Garden photo #1-2 located in this blog. Thank goodness for ribbing on the rim .. which I noticed only after I was done as in you can count the ribbing to see if you are in the right place .. My mom was just so funny. She said something like .. "I see your primary concentration is on the button, you seem to have forgotten about everything else!" I cannot wait until tomorrow so the instructor can confirm that this button is in place or the opposite.
July 1st, 2008
My shrug has been viewed on 20 times so far. More then anything else I made .. not bad. I mean it's less then nothing but not bad for me. I am worried about the button.

11:22 PM
The instructor said the button is fine but she would have sewed it on so the stripes were horizontal and matched the knitting. But the way I did it it matches the ribbing .. still she prefers vertical. I am not redoing it. I already did that once and besides I am afraid it will not button correctly if I redo it again with no supervision.

11:25 PM
I just looked at one of the photos which I enlarged and the first time I sewed on the button the lines are not vertical, not horizontal.. they are diagonal so at least I did not make it worse the second time. What's interesting is everything has to be seamless in a way.. not just sewing.

June 3rd, 2008
11:15 PM
I am waiting for the dryer to release my bed sheets so I can go to sleep. I am supposed to pick up the shrug receiver around 3:30 AM. I think I will keep the shrug at home. I understood today why the instructor told me that the button is on sideways and why I did not notice anything. First I was really concerned with just getting the button in the right place and second after all this time I still see the button as something technical and she sees it as art. This is why the mistake.

July 4th, 2008

I had 3 photos of Masha and Bella. Each one had their eyes closed in #1 and #3 respectively so I chose this one. Masha is making a big face and Bella will kill me for another reason.

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