Friday, November 26, 2021

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thanksgiving Notes

1. Got Kosher Turley from Trader

2. Used Ina Garten recipe for dry rub (lemon zest, salt, thyme)

3. Turley took 2 hours to cook at convection bake, lowest rack (then switched one up) at 350 F instead of 2:25 at 325

4. Do not tie wings to body, the in-between section stayed raw, although the rest of the meat was higher temp then states in recipe

5. Flan, get candy thermometer

6. Flan took 1:50 to set instead of 1:15 

7. When pouring in custard, pour over a big spoon to absorb the weight otherwise the custard goes under the caramel

8. Green beans are cooked after 5 minutes, bring water to boil, add beans, bring to boil and cook for 5 min. Salt water.

9. Sangria without additional alcohol needs the pine apple

Tuesday, August 3, 2021


 1. Many varieties of Maple Syrup

2. Bakery- use butter in cakes, bought a tart once with strawberry and rhubarb that was $16 but it was good

3. Sushi is very good

4. Cooked food is very good

5. Wegman brand salmon seems natural

6. Plastic bags, sandwich, snack and gallon

7. Kosher section

8. Kitchen supply used to be good

9. Decent ice cream

10. Child snacks

11. Indian spices in bulk

12. Fish is amazing

13. Vinegar by gallon

14. Tea

15. Wegman brand dried beans

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Cape Cod Notes

1.  Clean house. You do not want to come back to dirty one

2.  Bring plastic gallon bags for bathing suits

3. Fan to dry wet bathing suits

4. Sandwich bags

5. Snack bags

6. Tupperware for beach food

7. Beach umbrella/cover Tommy Bahama

8. Beach chair Tommy Bahama

9. Bathing suit 2 covered and 2 uncovered

10. Towels 2 per person

11. goggles

12. Flotation devices

13. Floatie

14. Vanilla for pancakes

15. Ice trays/Refrigerator ice is awful

16. Bring own trash bags

17. Bring clothing rack to dry clothes

18. Bring something to carry water bottles in. They are heavy. 

19. Maybe buy nice beach bag or wagon for toys? 

20. I liked the fish plastic pool at the Hardware Store on Beacon

21. Coverups!!! Kids sit on beach and burn without them

22. You can look at the sun or look away when its before noon or after noon

23. Badger does not stain bathing suit but Dr. Fisher does stain 

Hanna Anderson

 120 CM bathing suit 6-7 in 2021 was tight

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Bread making tips

1. Warmer water is better for mixing dough later on. You can do colder or warmer but warmer is better.

2. Strain the flour and mix two flours before adding in the mix

3. When combining to dough squeeze it with your hands and fingers to mix it otherwise you end up with hard dough pieces in the bread that did not mix well

4. After step #3 then do the stretch fold type mixing

5. You can slap the dough on a hard surface a few times to get rid of air bubbles.

6. Tightening the loaf before shaping is very important. If its not tight, it will not rise well. The loaf has to be tight. Pull a bit and fold over. Keep going until you start feeling resistance, then shape it.

7. When you remove loaf from oven, shake off the excess rice flour into pot before putting loaf on rack

Thursday, January 21, 2021

What not to buy in HM

1. Cotton Bedding - very cheap and smells like chemicals

2. Clothes you did not see in person

3. LazyOne is not good quality for adults. Seem like they use the same amount of material as they did for kids and material is very thin.

4. Socks, they are awful. Do not wash and smell disgusting. buy socks at Gap or somewhere else